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Over The Road Permitting Service, Inc. (OTRP)


an IFTA Fuel Tax Solution

Trip Sheets Online . com

Trip Sheets Online is a fantastic new program for interstate truckers and small companies. No matter if you are an Owner Operator or a Company with multiple drivers or even a company driver that wants to track what you are actually driving and paying IFTA taxes on! And the time you save using this product will amaze you!!

Trip Sheets Online was designed from the ground up by an experienced company with ownership that has over 28 years in the interstate trucking business in IFTA fuel and mileage tax accounting. You will be amazed at how well this product will revolutionize your time and bottom dollar!

With Trip Sheets Online you will be able to run reports to see how you are currently doing. To see where you might need to purchase more fuel to offset taxes! You will know close to what your tax bill will be, before the end of each quarter just by running a sample iFTA report!

Then, if you file your own IFTA taxes, with Trip Sheets Online, you will be able to print a report to file those IFTA taxes or in some cases the IFTA tax return itself! If you are a leased driver you will be able to know what the company should be charging you for the IFTA taxes on what you actually ran and the fuel you actually purchased and turned in!

Wondering how much time
Trip Sheets Online  will save you?  

Well, depending on how much time you spend each trip writing up your trip sheets this can cut that time in half or more! With our integrated mapping of practical or shortest miles your trip sheet will automatically have those miles filled in!  The miles in each state! Then you add your fuel purchased in each state and you’re pretty much done! If you print the trip sheet you can print with the practical route from start to finish, including any extra stops you might have made! City to City or Zip code to Zip code!

Check out what we printout by clicking here: REPORTS.

Now the reports can also be done inliters & kilometers!!

Trip Sheets Online will amaze you with what it does.

" I have been trucking 25yrs. Last 4 with authority. I refused to pay a premium price to have my IFTA done. When I was doing all the work with the trip sheets. So I had been doing it myself almost 3yrs. Then I saw this service. $20 a month and I have to do so little. It's been great. And anytime I've had a problem or question: ALWAYS A HUMAN TO TALK TO! A helpful one and nice also. I'm so glad I stumbled upon this site. I can always double check my entries at any time to be sure I didn't miss a fill-up. "

Need to forward your trips to your home office or accountant? Just hit a button and you can email with all the information, including the route, and it will be time stamped from your computer.

A lot of time, money and effort has been put into Trip Sheets Online to make it just right for all interstate truckers. We have done everything to make this the most cost-effective way to save you time and money without having to pay a fortune to get it. Priced for all!  Be the first to have access to this amazing new product! Trip Sheets Online an IFTA fuel tax solution.